1. décembre 18, 2020


    Unfold launches lightweight, link-centric profiles called Bio Sites

  2. décembre 8, 2020

    It’s Nice That

    Ignasi Monreal depicts epic Renaissance-style portraits of creatives for Squarespace’s Browser History campaign

  3. décembre 7, 2020


    To Celebrate Lockdown Pivots, Squarespace Created Renaissance-Style Portraits of Real Entrepreneurs

  4. décembre 7, 2020

    Ad Age

    Squarespace's Renaissance portraits of modern-day creators showcase the 'best of the worst year'

  5. décembre 4, 2020


    Inc.'s 2020 Best in Business List

  6. novembre 30, 2020

    Marie Claire

    What I Wear to Work (at Home): Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace

  7. novembre 30, 2020

    The New York Times

    Can a Start-Up Mentality Save Small Businesses?

  8. novembre 30, 2020

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Squarespace could be next US tech giant to list after COVID-19 boost

  9. novembre 28, 2020


    Building your own website is cool again, and it's changing the whole internet

  10. novembre 26, 2020

    Irish Times

    Making Ireland an inclusive home for talent