John Malkovich Tries To Reclaim His Domain Name In Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad

John Malkovich finally reaches the person who is being John Malkovich in Squarespace's Super Bowl spot.

In the commercial, Mr. Malkovich is in his design studio talking on the phone to the person who has already claimed the domain name trying to convince them to give it back.

"You think when people contact they are actually looking for you?" he says to the person on the other side of the call. "Maybe, maybe they are looking for me."

Squarespace will run the 30-second spot in the first-half of Super Bowl LI. This is the company's fourth consecutive commercial in the big game. It will also air a 60-second commercial in the pre-game.

The company released an extended version of the pre-game spot last week.

Squarespace worked with JohnXHannes, a creative collective based in New York, on the campaign. Smuggler's Miles Jay directed.