Dolly Parton puts spin on '9 to 5' for Super Bowl commercial debut with Squarespace

Dolly Parton will add another first to an iconic career this weekend when she participates in her first Super Bowl commercial.

The music legend re-recorded her hit "9 to 5" as "5 to 9" for a new campaign from website building and e-commerce platform Squarespace.

"All the nine-to-five people, all of them can't even go work their nine-to-five jobs now, so a lot of people are working from home," Parton told USA TODAY. The full conversation will air the Monday after the Super Bowl on "Ad Meter Live."

"They're building their own businesses online and even the ones that are still working nine-to-five, they still (build their own business) anyway. I thought it was a genius idea for Squarespace."

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