Dolly Parton Re-records "9 to 5" for Super Bowl Ad

The Squarespace commercial, directed by Damien Chazelle, features Parton's anthem reimagined with a modern-day twist.

Squarespace has had success in booking celebrities for their buzzy Super Bowl commercials in recent years. (Keanu ReevesJohn Malkovich and Jeff Bridges, to name a few.) But when the website building company came up with the idea to do a modern-day take on Dolly Parton's classic "9 to 5" workplace anthem, booking the country music icon felt like a long shot.

"How do we approach someone as legendary as Dolly Parton and ask her if it’s ok to rewrite and reimagine one of her most iconic songs?" recalls David Lee, Squarespace's chief creative officer, over e-mail to The Hollywood Reporter. "Turns out that not only did she love the idea, she also loved the rewrite.”

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