1. février 2, 2021


    Dolly Parton hasn't gotten the coronavirus vaccine yet, even though she donated $1 million for it

  2. février 2, 2021

    Dolly Parton on her 1st Super Bowl ad: ‘I thought it was clever’

  3. février 2, 2021

    Associated Press

    Dolly Parton on Super Bowl commercial and COVID-19 vaccine

  4. décembre 18, 2020


    Unfold launches lightweight, link-centric profiles called Bio Sites

  5. décembre 8, 2020

    It’s Nice That

    Ignasi Monreal depicts epic Renaissance-style portraits of creatives for Squarespace’s Browser History campaign

  6. décembre 7, 2020


    To Celebrate Lockdown Pivots, Squarespace Created Renaissance-Style Portraits of Real Entrepreneurs

  7. décembre 7, 2020

    Ad Age

    Squarespace's Renaissance portraits of modern-day creators showcase the 'best of the worst year'

  8. décembre 4, 2020


    Inc.'s 2020 Best in Business List

  9. novembre 30, 2020

    Marie Claire

    What I Wear to Work (at Home): Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace

  10. novembre 30, 2020

    The New York Times

    Can a Start-Up Mentality Save Small Businesses?